My research interests are primarily interface related, both semantics/pragmatics and pragmatics/syntax, though at least some of my work considers French data as well as English. My Oxford DPhil is on the interpretation of pronouns, and is centred within the cognitive pragmatic framework of Relevance Theory, with the title “Anaphora, Relevance and the Conceptual/Procedural Distinction”. (It was examined in late 2007 by Prof Deirdre Wilson and Dr Paloma Garcia-Bellido and accepted.) Essentially what I am aiming to do is propose a pragmatically based account of pronoun interpretation that tries to bridge the traditional divide between anaphoric and deictic uses using procedural semantics and the relevance theoretic comprehension procedure.

Publications etc

Hedley, P. (2007) “Anaphora, Relevance and the Conceptual/Procedural Distinction.” DPhil Thesis for University of Oxford (accepted 12/2007).

Here is a copy of the full Abstract (pdf).

You can get a copy of the complete thesis here, in pdf format.

Cram, D. & Hedley, P. (2005) “Pronouns and procedural meaning: The relevance of spaghetti code and paranoid delusion.” Oxford Working Papers in Linguistics 10: 187-210.
You can get a copy here, in pdf format.

Hedley, P. (2005) “Procedures, Pronouns and Relevance Theory.”
Durham and Newcastle Working Papers in Linguistics
11: 41-55.
You can read it in pdf format here.

Hedley, P. (2004) “Gender and the interpretation of pronouns in French: A view from relevance theory.” Oxford Working Papers in Linguistics 9: 67-82.
You can get a copy here, again in pdf format.

My MPhil thesis (2003), “Sloppy Anaphora: the role of pragmatics in the interpretation of anaphoric expressions” is also here, in pdf format.

I wrote an extended essay for undergraduate finals entitled “Space, Time and Metaphor in Modern French: The Clines of Grammaticalization and Semantics Development”, which you can also read in pdf format should that be of interest.