Gingerbread House

Gingerbread House KitThe weekend before Christmas, we were supposed to go and visit Granny B and Grandad so Paul and Grandad could go to “Sports Personality of the Year” and Granny B, Esther and I could have some fun time. However, Paul went down with a really horrible lurgy the week before, and we didn’t go at all. Granny B had bought a “Make a Gingerbread House” kit for us to have a go at while we were there, and we therefore received an extra family Christmas present.

Since we had family for Christmas Day and again on the 27th, we thought making the gingerbread house would be a fun project for Boxing day – and it really was! Read More »

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Welcome to Gail’s part of the website, and as yet, I’m slightly unsure exactly what the focus of this blog is really going to be. I’m something of a craft addict, although I’m primarily a knitter, so I think that will be a major focus, as will books, as I’m something of a bibliophile, which has clearly been rubbing off on Esther …

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If you’re here reading this (and I have no idea why you would be, or how you got here) then all I have to say is “WELCOME” – if you stick around, it may (or may not) be an interesting journey.

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