SPA gauges

After a really nice short run on Friday giving my Mum her first ride in the car, Saturday morning yielded an issue with the SPA oil pressure/oil temperature gauge:


A constant 16 bar of oil pressure at 162 degrees C on startup first thing in the morning?  I don’t think so somehow.  Given that it’s both readings, I suspect either a failed gauge or crashed software in the gauge.  Not a major problem, but not ideal to be running without any metrics.

To be fair to SPA, so far their customer service has been excellent – very quick response to emails and eager to assist.

So, after much investigation with the multimeter (primarily checking continuity of wiring, as the initial diagnosis was potentially a dropped earth feed), the gauge and both sensors (pressure and temperature) have been sent off to SPA for them to investigate.  I’ve sent them the other gauge too, which had a failed backlight.  Fingers crossed that we can get to the bottom of this one quickly.

Update 1

So, SPA have fixed the backlight on the lower guage, and have checked both the oil pressure/temp gauge and the oil pressure/temp sensors, which all seem to be OK.  So it looks to be a wiring issue, and given the minimal cost of a new wiring harness (£35) it seems sensible to just replace the harness.  It wasn’t the easiest job in the world (getting the oil pressure plug through the bulkhead was a bit of a pain), but it’s nice and neatly done now.  And all seems to be working again.

Update 2

Or at least it seemed so.  Same problem has reoccurred, and with an extra paid of hands to watch the dial, I finally managed to recreate both working and non-working conditions by manipulating the connector.  As the connector itself, and the wiring is brand new, this indicates that the fault is in the electrical part of the sensor (all SPA did was test the sensor and plug a wire in to get a reading).  In very close examination having removed the old sensor, there does look to be a bit of corrosion around the base of the earth post, to it looks as if water has got into that area and caused the problem.  So, new sensor fitted, and all working properly again.

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