New ECU loom

I have the car back, thanks to David Wedge at DTM Power and his work on installing the new ECU loom from Emerald.  This is what he took out of the car, some of which looks just about OK, and some of which looks pretty agricultural:

Old ECU wiring loom

Old ECU wiring loom

The new loom looks much neater and smarter, and should also mean that the ECU to engine is much more reliable.  There’s also an ECU fan controller that we could wire in should we wish.  It’s still unclear why the wiring was done the way it was, or indeed why the silver box burnt out, but given that it’s not in the signal path any more, that can only be a good thing.  The engine certainly ran nice and smoothly on the way back home from Burcot, not that that was a very long run.  Proper update to come, when I next take the car out for a decent journey.

One more significant job out of the way, and hopefully soon an opportunity to enjoy the car and its new engine map!

Update:  slightly longer journey yesterday, where the car was definitely smoother running, both in the lower reaches of the rev range, and revving out towards the red line.

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