Big Project: Esther’s Blanket – on the home straight

Well after the Gloucester Cathedral Knitting Club picnic (to celebrate World Wide Knit in Public Day) on Saturday, I finally finished the last square of Esther’s blanket. (A plain mitred square, in case you were wondering).

The full list of 15 different blocks I’ve knitted from 200 Knitted Blocks is as follows:

0) Plain mitred square (not actually listed as a separate block, because it’s too dull!)
18) Flowing Pinks
37) Little Cables
56) Big Heart
57) Christmas Stripes
62) Interwoven
82) Dash
98) Scattered Leaves
99) Softie
101) Blue Seas
129) Purple Haze
141) Random Bobbles
161) Soft Stripes
169) Furrows
201) V-stripes

Thanks to Le Mans and the Grand Prix yesterday, I’ve even managed to get 4 sets of blocks sewn together. Only 11 more to go, then the arranging and joining to go…

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