Project: A-Line Skirt

Sew What Skirts Book Cover imageThis post is something of a combination – a book review and a craft project post.

I’m not quite sure when exactly I was given this book – it might have been a birthday present the year before Esther was born. It had therefore been read, and filed for future use, and it’s taken me a good few years to get around to trying it!

As my first ever attempt at sewing clothing, I liked the idea of making your own pattern to fit, as I’m almost never the same shape as clothes I find in the shops. I had a couple of metres of a fairly crazy flower print in my craft stash, so thought I’d have a go at the “Tourist Trap” A-line skirt with a zip and pockets, from the first (and easiest) section of the book. Making the pattern and pieces up was fairly straightforward, and the sewing wasn’t hard either, although I did need quite a few post-it notes, as you have to keep referring back to the techniques section at the front (although with more experience, I probably wouldn’t need to go back and forth quite so much).

I made a slight mistake with cutting one of the back pieces, so there’s rather less ease than I intended, but the skirt does fit, and looks nice (I think):


Overall, this book gets a definite thumbs-up so far! There are a couple more patterns, for a semi-circular wrap skirt, and a layered A-line skirt, that I’d like to try sometime.

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