A New Year’s Post

I’ve been thinking about this post for a good while now – actually, ever since I decided I was going to make sure there was some more immediate and dynamic content on our new site. It’s my New Year’s Resolutions post!

As I’m sure you’re aware, the blogosphere is currently awash with resolutions posts, or ‘how to make your resolutions’ posts. This is the former rather than the latter.

Lots of people recommend only making one resolution, to increase your chances of keeping it, and from the Happiness Project, I got the idea of a one word resolution.

So here it is … are you ready?


I think that encapsulates all the ideas that have been swimming round my head for next year.

There are several aspects to this one-word resolution:

  • Family: make more couple time & make more family time; partly achieved by stopping any sort of ‘work’ at 9pm.
  • Crafting: only have 2 projects on the go at any one time (one long-term, one short-term).
  • Home: set a timer for 15 minutes of picking up the house before bedtime.
  • Me: only read my blogs/feeds once a day, and make sure I get 30 minutes of me time every day.

Hopefully having this written down here will give me a kick to actually achieving these things, but I’ve stuck a reminder on my calendar the first of each month to review how I’m doing, and make adjustments as necessary.

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