My Sewing Machine Table

Since I’m hoping to do a bit more sewing this year (following on from a great sew a Christmas stocking workshop I did last month at the Makery). However, one of the big problems I’ve always had is that my sewing machine is a wonderful vintage Husqvana Viking 6430 which I inherited from my grandmother and it weighs a tonne. This means it needs a seriously strong table underneath it, and there are only 2 of those in the house: the dining table, and the computer desk. Neither of these is very convenient, as the dining table is two floors below my crafting stash, and the computer desk is usually not visible!

This weekend, Paul wanted to drill a hole in part of his car using a hole-saw. He keeps having to go up to his parents’ house to use his dad’s workmate. That wasn’t an option this weekend, as they were away, so we all took a trip to B&Q to buy him one of his own. While we were wandering around (Esther had a lovely time walking from one Duracell Bunny display to the next!) we started talking about my sewing table troubles, and we had a brainwave.

So here it is – my new sewing machine table:

[Picture to follow]

It’s perfect – I can fold it up and stick it in the cupboard when I’m done, and it’s strong and stable enough to work with my machine. Welcome to the crafty corner Black and Decker Workmate WM301!

P.S. I may even let Paul use it occasionally, if he asks nicely!

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