Big Project: Esther’s Blanket

My current ‘big project’ has been on (and off) my knitting needles since the middle of 2010. I’m knitting Esther a blanket; originally with the intention of it being finished for when she moved out of her cot and into the big bed, but she’s spent the last few nights and naps in the big bed this week, and I’m only 2/3 of the way through the knitting.

200 knitted blocks cover imageMy inspiration for this blanket came from a book I found at the library: “200 Knitted Blocks for blankets, throws and afghans”. It hasn’t actually quite got 200 blocks, as for several blocks there are 4 colour variations which are counted as separate blocks, but there are well over 100 distinct patterns to choose from.

The multiple colour schemes strongly influenced my idea for the blanket, which was to knit 4 copies of each block, to make a 12″ square, then combine 15 of these squares to a 5′ by 3′ blanket. I’m using 4 colours of wool, and rotating the colours round the 4 variations, so for example here are my first set of squares, block 141, ‘Random Bobbles’:

Note that these blocks have been blocked specially for this picture!

I’d originally decided to sew the blocks into sets of 4 by rotating through 90° each time, but since I’ve knitted more sets, I think I’ll just see how each set of blocks looks best when joined up: I think some of the patterns will look odd rotated.

Anyway, I’m now on my 11th set, so the end of the knitting is in sight! Once knitted, I’m adding the sewing up to my small projects list, so that I can take a break from it, and also so I can start my next big project, the final (crucial) part of which arrived in the post yesterday…

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